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Alex Nichols

Owner & Head Coach

Alex is a founding partner of CrossFit 1066 and a certified as a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and has completed CrossFit Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting courses allowing him to effectively coach and teach movements in a safe way.

He has also completed the CrossFit Kids coaching qualification and is one of the coaches on the CF 1066 kids program.

Alex is also a qualified Level 5 Soft Tissue therapist treating clients with a range of problems from sporting injuries to postural issues, which transfers across to see how the body moves in different ways.

To see more about this follow the link to his website - (

Alex has a wealth of experience combined with a passion for helping people to improve the quality of their lives.


Rich D


''I joined Crossfit1066 in 2019 and never looked back. I’d just moved here, needed new fitness goals and to make friends. Crossfit1066 has been the perfect place to go. 

Fitness has always been a part of my life. My career required me to train at work as we needed our fitness daily. Before CrossFit, I was either doing martial arts or boxing and went on to coach both. 

Love playing around with gymnastics and have a love/ hate relationship with the barbell. Happy to help whenever you see me!''


Wil Edmiston


Wil coaches CrossFit at CrossFit1066, offers PTs and lives for fitness and health! He loves a burpee and is quite good at pull ups.


Ned F


Ned is a qualified Level 1 Trainer and our CrossFit Kids & Teens Coach. Ned teaches our mini athletes from the very beginning making sure they have fun whilst moving safely along the way! Ned builds and coaches our gymnastics sessions, nailing those pull ups, Toes to Bar and Handstands!

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