Alex Nichols

Alex is a founding partner of CrossFit 1066 and a certified as a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and has completed CrossFit Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting courses allowing him to effectively coach and teach movements in a safe way. He has also completed the CrossFit Kids coaching qualification and is one of the coaches on the CF 1066 kids program.  Alex is also a qualified Leveel 5 Soft Tissue therapist treating clients with a range of problems from sporting injuries to postural issues, which transfers across to see how the body moves in different ways. To see more about this follow the link to his website - ( Alex has a wealth of experience combined with a passion for helping people to improve the quality of their lives.

Head Coach

Toby Walsh

Toby is one of our masters athletes and a recently qualified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and takes the Fundamentals course at CrossFit 1066. He is a serving firefighter with the London Fire Brigade and has competed in a number of sports. Toby is keen to share his passion for CrossFit and the benefits it can provide to all ages, abilities and walks of life.



Dan Pasmore

Been a fireman and old bill for 16 years. Now its a feet up office job for me.


Boxing and Football were my sports before I found CrossFit 5 years ago. I've been a PT for 15 years, CrossFit and weightlifting coach around London the last 2 years. I'm bald, awful memory and hate deadlifts.


Sarah Goldsack

Sarah is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. Sarah competed in a number of sports as as a teenager including swimming and badminton. After years of inactivity she was searching for a way to get back to a healthy lifestyle and found CrossFit, loving the group classes and support the community gives each other. Moving to coaching was a natural progression to help others progress and develop. Sarah has also undertaken a Sports Nutrition course and is passionate about helping people to achieve their goals.


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